The Fifth Element




The Fifth Element

At the beginning of February, all film fans can look forward to the next movie experience in the BEST OF CINEMA event series with THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Luc Besson's top-class sci-fi masterpiece broke all records in the 1997 cinema year thanks to its exuberant fantasy, spectacular effects and mega-cast led by action superstar Bruce Willis. 

On February 6, you have the chance to experience the cult film exclusively for one day in the 4K-restored version on the big screen: bigger, sharper and more brilliant than ever before.

CINEMA EVENT DAY: February 6, 2024

New York in the 23rd century. Ex-elite soldier Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) is astonished when an athletic Amazon crashes through the roof of his air cab. Suddenly the future of humanity is in his hands, because Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) is the "Fifth Element": sent to Earth by aliens to defend the planet against unimaginable evil. Korben takes her to priest Vito Cornelius (Ian Holm), who is connected to Leeloo's people, and learns that Leeloo needs four special stones to work her magic. Weapons dealer Zorg (Gary Oldman), who is in league with evil, is also after them. With the help of alien warriors, he does everything in his power to torpedo Korben's global rescue mission ...


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Movie Info


Original Title Le cinquième élément
Theatrical Release
Genres Science Fiction
Country Of Production France
Runtime 126 minutes
FSK 12


Director Luc Besson
Screenplay Luc BessonRobert Mark Kamen
Producer Patrice Ledoux
Executive Producer John A. Amicarella
Co-Producer Iain Smith
Director of Photography Thierry Arbogast
Composer Éric Serra
Editor Sylvie Landra
Production Designer Dan Weil
Costume Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier


Korben Dallas Bruce Willis
Leeloo Milla Jovovich
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg Gary Oldman
Father Vito Cornelius Ian Holm
Ruby Rhod Chris Tucker
Billy Luke Perry