Weißbier im Blut




Weißbier im Blut

The smell of cow pies wafts over the remote, heavily indebted Holznerhof when Inspector Kreuzeder (Sigi Zimmerschied) arrives at the scene of a crime: Under the combine harvester in the barn lies a deformed, unidentifiable corpse. Only very reluctantly does the former poster child of Lower Bavaria’s police take on the case, because in the meantime, Kreuzeder prefers to spend his time at the inn instead of at his desk, where he incidentally conquers the heart of the luscious waitress Gerda Bichler (Luise Kinseher). Kreuzededer also makes an impression on police psychologist Dr. März (Brigitte Hobmeier), who is supposed to check his fitness for the job. Two corpses later, Kreuzeder's superior, Detective Inspector Becker (Johannes Herrschmann), finally transfers the case to his young colleague Klotz (David Zimmerschied) – but this lures the weird investigator with the unconventional professional view and plenty of wheat beer in his blood out of his reserve. And that's when the fun really begins...

Author and director Jörg Graser (DER MOND IST NUR A NACKERTE KUGEL) adapts his own book and is also responsible for the screenplay with this black-humored "crime thriller from the Bavarian undergrowth". Behind the camera was Michael Wiesweg, winner of the Bavarian Film Award. The result: A crime thriller like Lower Bavaria, rough exterior, real core. A double Obstler to go with the wheat beer! Set in tranquil Lower Bavaria, WEISSBIER IM BLUT proves that the desire to poke fun in Bavarian comedies is unbroken, even when it comes to a corpse ... and that there is still room for improvement in terms of black humor! Because after the Eberhofers, the Passau inspector Kreuzeder comes along more audacious, more neglected and even crazier, thanks to the increasing level of wheat beer in his blood. Only one person can play him: Sigi Zimmerschied, cabaret artist and child of the city of Passau. At his side, the notorious Mama Bavaria from the Nockherberg, Luise Kinseher, and Grimme Prize winner Brigitte Hobmeier are just as profoundly funny.


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Movie Info


Original Title Weißbier im Blut
Theatrical Release
Genres Comedy, Crime
Country Of Production Germany
Runtime 96 minutes
FSK 12


Director Jörg Graser
Screenplay Jörg Graser
Director of Photography Michael Wiesweg
Editor Kai Schröter
Composer Stofferl Well
Production Designer Benjamin Scholl
Costume Designer Birgitt Kilian


Kreuzeder Sigi Zimmerschied
Dr. Carmen März Brigitte Hobmeier
Gerda Bichler Luise Kinseher
Becker Johannes Herrschmann
Bauer Holzner Max Schmidt
Bäuerin Holzner Eva Sixt
Wirt Ferdinand Dörfler
Pfarrer Gerhard Wittmann
Klotz David Zimmerschied
Moritz Holzner Xari Wimbauer
Agnes Holzner Sofia Florence