Ben is back




Ben is back

Nineteen-year-old Ben Burns (Lucas Hedges) unexpectedly returns home to his family's suburban home on Christmas Eve morning. Ben’s mother, Holly (Julia Roberts), is relieved and welcoming but wary of her son staying clean. Over a turbulent 24 hours, new truths are revealed, and a mother's undying love for her son is tested as she does everything in her power to keep him safe.

A gripping drama fueled by powerful performances from Academy Award®-winning actress Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges, one of the most accomplished young actors working today, Ben Is Back is an intimate look at a mother struggling to protect her son from himself.


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Movie Info


Original Title Ben is back
Theatrical Release
Genres Drama, Thriller
Country Of Production USA
Runtime 103 minutes
FSK 12


Director Peter Hedges
Producers Peter HedgesNina JacobsonTeddy SchwarzmanBrad Simpson
Executive Producers Jane EvansDan FriedkinMicah GreenMichael HeimlerMickey LiddellPete ShilaimonDaniel SteinmanBen Stillman
Director of Photography Stuart Dryburgh
Editor Ian Blume
Composer Dickon Hinchcliffe
Set Designer Ford Wheeler
Costume Designer Melissa Toth


Holly Burns Julia Roberts
Ben Burns Lucas Hedges
Neal Burns Courtney B. Vance
Ivy Burns Kathryn Newton
Lacey Burns-Beeby Mia Fowler
Liam Burns-Beeby Jakari Fraser
Clayton Michael Esper
Spencer „Spider“ Webbs David Zaldivar
Beth Conyers Rachel Bay Jones
Cara K Alexandra Park

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