Dream Factory




Dream Factory

Summer 1961. Emil (Dennis Mojen) has just started working as an extra at DEFA Studio Babelsberg when he falls in love with a French dancer named Milou (Emilia Schüle). The two of them are clearly made for each other but are torn apart when East Germany closes its border and erects the Berlin Wall on August 13th of that year. It looks as if the lovebirds will never see each other again. That is, until Emil comes up with a daring plan ...

TRAUMFABRIK is the first film from the newly founded production company Traumfabrik Babelsberg and the first self-made production for Studio Babelsberg in over 20 years. Director Martin Schreier (UNSERE ZEIT IST JETZT) spins a magic love story featuring two young shooting stars set against the backdrop of one of the oldest functioning film studios in the world. Dennis Mojen (BRÜDER, ENEME, NIRGENDWO) and Emilia Schüle (KU’DAMM 56 + 59, HIGH SOCIETY, SIMPEL) take on the leading roles of the resourceful and deeply smitten Emil and the gorgeous dancer Milou. The film’s star-studded cast also includes Heiner Lauterbach, Ken Duken, Nikolai Kinski and Ellenie Salvo González.


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 TRAUMFABRIK, Rechte bei Tobis
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 TRAUMFABRIK, Rechte bei Tobis
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Movie Info


Original Title Traumfabrik
Theatrical Release
Genres Romance, Comedy
Country Of Production Germany
Runtime 125 minutes


Director Martin Schreier
Screenplay Arend Remmers
Producers Tom ZicklerChristoph FisserSebastian FrunerSophie Heim
Co-Producers Tobis FilmproduktionArri MediaherbX FilmPantaleon FilmsTelepool
Cinematography Martin Schlecht
Editing Tobias Haas
Music Philipp NollAxel Huber
Production Design Thomas GöldnerIsabel von Forster
Makeup Jens BartramJulia Böhm
Costume Design Gabriela Reumer


Emil Hellwerk Dennis Mojen
Milou Emilia Schüle
Generaldirektor Beck Heiner Lauterbach
Alex Hellwerk Ken Duken
Omar Nikolai Kinski
Beatrice Morée Ellenie Salvo González
Opa Emil Michael Gwisdek
Prager Wilfried Hochholdinger