Second Act




Second Act

As Maya Vargas (JENNIFER LOPEZ) celebrates her 43rd birthday, she has one wish. A promotion. After 15 years at Value Shop, the past six as assistant manager, she’s ready to run the big box store in Queens. Her resumé doesn’t scream upper management, but her track record sure does. She’s an innovator who listens to customers, knows what they need and finds a way to deliver. But Value Shop hires “the right man for the job” – a man with an MBA – not GED- certified Maya. Maya’s boyfriend Trey (MILO VENTIMIGLIA) and best friend Joan (LEAH REMINI) try to boost her spirits, but Maya is frustrated as once again street smarts doesn’t equal book smarts. Was her entire future determined when she was 16, or can she actually reinvent herself in her 40’s?

That question is at the heart of SECOND ACT, a new comedy from Peter Segal (Anger Management, Tommy Boy), one of today’s most successful comedy directors. Second Act is a comedy in the vein of Working Girl and Maid In Manhattan.


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 MANHATTAN QUEEN, Rechte bei Tobis
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 MANHATTAN QUEEN, Rechte bei Tobis
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 MANHATTAN QUEEN, Rechte bei Tobis

Movie Info


Original Title Second Act
Theatrical Release
Genres Comedy, Romance
Country Of Production USA
Runtime 105 minutes