The Final Journey



The Final Journey

Adele (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) works as a waitress and is constantly clashing with her mother Uli (Suzanne von Borsody). When her grandfather Eduard Leander (Jürgen Prochnow) suddenly leaves for Ukraine in the spring of 2014 without a word, Adele is tasked with stopping him – but the stubborn old man will not be dissuaded from his plan. He has set his mind on finding his lost love, whom he had to leave behind in Eastern Europe while serving as an officer in the German Wehrmacht. Against her will, Adele accompanies Eduard to Ukraine, which is plagued by the turmoil of war. An adventurous journey begins...

In this emotional and stirring drama, Nick Baker Monteys (“Der Mann der über Autos sprang”) builds bridges between young and old, crisis-ridden Ukraine and the German past as well as private and political history. THE FINAL JOURNEY is a touching road movie starring Jürgen Prochnow (“The Da Vinci Code”, “The Boat”) and Petra Schmidt-Schaller (“Stereo”, “My Life In Orange”) in the leading roles as well as Suzanne von Borsody (“Hanna's Journey”, “Hanni & Nanni 1-3”) and Tambet Tuisk (“Me And Kaminski”, “Tschiller - Off Duty”) as a charming bon vivant.


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Movie Info


Original Title Leanders letzte Reise
Theatrical Release
Country Of Production Germany
Runtime 107 minutes


Director Nick Baker Monteys
Screenplay Nick Baker MonteysAlexandra Umminger
Producers Siegfried KammlChristian AlvartTimm Oberwelland
Co-Producers Peter EiffTheodor Gringel
Director of Photography Eeva Fleig
Editor Dagmar Lichius
Composer Christoph Berg
Production Designer K.D. Gruber
Costume Designer Heike Fademrecht
Casting Director Tina Böckenhauer