Julie Rivers (Melissa Barrera) and her husband Daniel (Guy Burnet) are ready for a fresh start. After a miscarriage, Julie is pregnant again and eagerly anticipates the family happiness ahead in her new home. Only she is put on strict bed rest for the sake of the child. Monotony and isolation soon go to the young woman's head. Suddenly she believes she perceives eerie apparitions, which, however, go unnoticed by her husband and the midwife (Edie Inksetter). While those around her increasingly doubt her mental stability and fear for her health, Julie has to search for answers herself. In doing so, she faces the demons of her past and the mysterious phenomena in the house all alone. Only she can save the life of her unborn baby now.

Since IN THE HEIGHTS, Melissa Barrera has been hailed as the new shooting star in Hollywood. Her starring roles in SCREAM and the survival drama series KEEP BREATHING made her the new Scream queen and BED REST (from the producers of SCREAM) a must-see for all fans of the genre! Directed by Lori Evans Taylor (screenwriter of FINAL DESTINATION 6, among others), the cast led by Guy Burnet (PITCH PERFECT 3, THE AFFAIR) and Edie Inksetter (SAW: SPIRAL, THE HANDMAID'S TALE) expertly plays with the most primal fears. Inspired by classic horror thrillers such as ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968), THE ORPHANAGE (2007) and THE OTHERS (2007), BED REST is a stylish psychological thriller that will terrify not only its pregnant protagonist but the audience as well, while celebrating a strong, modern heroine who recalls her courage and the irrepressible strength of a mother throughout the film.


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Movie Info


Original Title Bed Rest
Theatrical Release
Genres Horror, Thriller
Country Of Production USA, Canada
Runtime 90
FSK 16


Director and Screenplay Lori Evans Taylor
Production William SherakJames VanderbiltPaul NeinsteinMelissa BarreraLori Evans Taylor
Co-Production Rhonda Baker
Director of Photography Jean Philippe Bernier
Editor Liz Calandrello
Set Design Marian Wihak
Score Chris Forsgren
Film Composer Brian Tyler
Costume Designer Heather Neale


Julie Rivers Melissa Barrera
Daniel Rivers Guy Burnet
Delmy Walker Edie Inksetter
Dr. Meadows Erik Athavale
Dean Whittier Paul Essiembre
Mrs. Whittier Marina Stephenson Kerr
Sanierungsarbeiter Jaen-Jacques Javier