Horizon: An American Saga




Horizon: An American Saga

New Mexico, 1861: Harbingers of the American Civil War shake the south of North America. On their westward march, white pioneers occupy the territories of the Apaches, who brutally resist the land grab. But there is also bloody chaos among the settlers. When the father of the feared Sykes brothers becomes the victim of an attack, his sons take up the relentless pursuit of the assassin - the beginning of the western saga HORIZON.

More than 30 years ago, two-time Oscar® winner Kevin Costner made film history with DANCING WITH THE WOLF and redefined the Western. He also remained true to the genre off the screen and played the lead role in YELLOWSTONE, one of the most successful US series of recent years. In HORIZON, his first directorial work in 20 years, Kevin Costner once again takes on one of the leading roles and gathers an impressive ensemble around him: alongside Sam Worthington (AVATAR), Giovanni Ribisi (SNEAKY PETE), Danny Huston (YELLOWSTONE) and Luke Wilson (ZOMBIELAND 2), it is above all the strong female roles, including played by Sienna Miller (ANATOMY OF A SCANDAL), Jena Malone (LOVE LIES BLEEDING) and Abbey Lee (MAD MAX: FURY ROAD), with whom Costner's heartfelt project leaves all Western clichés behind and takes moviegoers on a gripping and highly emotional journey - seen through the eyes of families, friends and enemies, proud indigenous inhabitants and newcomers hoping for a better life.



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 HORIZON, Rechte bei Tobis
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 HORIZON, Rechte bei Tobis
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Movie Info


Theatrical Release
Genres Western
Country Of Production USA


Director Kevin Costner
Screenplay Jon BairdKevin Costner
Produced By Kevin CostnerHoward KaplanMark Gillard
Executive Producers Robert J. ScannellDanny PeykoffMarc DeBevoiseArmyan BernsteinRod LakeCharlie LyonsBarry M. Berg
Line Producer Jeff T. Miller
Co-Producers Glenn KleczkowskiJason NeeseJamie Neese
Director of Photography J. Michael Muro
Production Designer Derek R. Hill
Editor Miklos Wright
Costume Designer Lisa Lovaas
Score John Debney
Casting Jeff JohnsonApril WebsterAngela Young


Hayes Ellison Kevin Costner
Frances Kittredge Sienna Miller
Trent Gephart Sam Worthington
Pickering Giovanni Ribisi
Marigold Abbey Lee
Owen Kittredge Will Patton
Ellen Harvey Jena Malone
Sgt. Major Thomas Riordan Michael Rooker
Col. Albert Houghton Danny Huston
Matthew Van Weyden Luke Wilson
Tracker Jeff Fahey
Diamond Kittredge Isabelle Fuhrman
Juliette Chesney Ella Hunt