To Catch a Killer



To Catch a Killer

From the creators of MEMENTO and ARRIVAL ...

During New Year's Eve celebrations in Baltimore, a sniper shoots 29 people from a high-rise balcony. When young police officer Eleanor is called to the scene of this brutal crime, FBI agent Lammark realizes that the psychologically preloaded colleague seems to be the only one who can empathize with the unknown killer. Therefore, despite her inexperience, he spontaneously wants her to join his special unit, which is supposed to catch the amok shooter as soon as possible. A desperate race against time begins. While the investigators are still grappling with false leads and internal conflicts of competence, the unpredictable perpetrator is wreaking further carnage in a shopping mall. The pressure on the team grows. Will Eleanor be able to overcome the demons of her own dark past and track down the enigmatic mass murderer before he has more people on his conscience?

TO CATCH A KILLER is pure high tension cinema. This film opens up a view into the deepest abysses of US society, which is shaped by the gun lobby, and into the wrangling over competencies and internal rivalries in a police apparatus that is overwhelmed by the extent of the violence.


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Movie Info


Original Title Misanthrope
Theatrical Release
Genres Crime, Thriller
Country Of Production USA
Runtime 119
FSK 16


Director Damian Szífron
Screenplay Damian SzífronJonathan Wakeham
Producer Aaron RyderStuart ManashilDamian SzifronShailene Woodley
Executive Producer Glen BaslerAlison CohenMilan PopelkaMichael A. JackmanClay PecorinRussell GeyserRuss PosternakJane Sinisi
Co-Producers Paul Barbeau
Director of Photography Javier JuliáADF
Editor Damian Szífron
Production Design Jason Kisvarday
Sound Editor Sylvain Bellemare
Score Carter Burrwell
Costume Designer Aieisha Li
Casting John PapsideraCSA


Eleanor Falco Shailene Woodley
Geoffrey Lammark Ben Mendelsohn
Jack McKenzie Jovan Adepo
Dean Possey Ralph Ineson
Mrs. Possey Rosemary Dunsmore
Gavin Michael Cram