Asphalt Burning



Asphalt Burning

Asphalt is on fire, tires are spinning: At high speed and in tuned cars, Roy (Anders Baasmo Christiansen) travels from the Trollstigen mountain road in Norway via Sweden and Denmark to Nürburgring in Germany. The goal: He needs to win back his fiancée Sylvia (Jenny Skavlan) after a night of partying before his wedding resulted in him recklessly making her a bet – and Roy's challenger Robin (Alexandra Maria Lara) also has cast an eye on the beautiful bride. On the crazy and turbulent road trip, Roy not only encounters tough adversaries (Henning Baum, The BossHoss) and hot chicks (Ruby O. Fee), the motorway police (Milan Peschel, Peter Kurth) are also hot on his heels. And that's not all: Roy has to deal with two namesakes (including Kostja Ullmann), music legend Wencke Myhre and a dead body in the trunk – and then suddenly his car is gone. But giving up is not an option for Roy, because "The race isn't over until it's over."

ASPHALT BURNING is both a title and a promise: a crazy road trip with maximum horsepower, adrenaline-charged action sequences and a star ensemble around Norwegian Anders Baasmo Christiansen with Alexandra Maria Lara, Henning Baum, Milan Peschel, Peter Kurth, Ruby O. Fee, Kostja Ullmann, comedian Ralf Kabelka, rapper NURA, pop legend Wencke Myhre and the rock duo Alec "Boss Burns" Völkel and Sascha "Hoss Power" Vollmer from The BossHoss.


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Movie Info


Original Title Børning 3
Genres Action, Comedy, Sport
Country Of Production Norway/Germany
Runtime 100 minutes
FSK 12


Director Hallvard Bræin
Producers John M. JacobsonReza BaharEllen AlvebergPeter Borgli
Screenplay Kjetil IndregardHallvard Bræin
Director of Photography Askild Vik Edvardsen
Sound Tomas Naug
Production Designer Bertram Strauss
Costume Designer Sofie Rage Larsen
Makeup Stefanie Gredig
Stunt Coordinator Carl Stück