Hunting Season




Hunting Season

Eva (Rosalie Thomass) doesn’t know what the world is coming to. Everything’s gone wrong since her husband left her for Bella (Almila Bagriacik), who is beautiful and successful. Not only does the “new girl” never miss an opportunity to endear herself to Eva’s little daughter; recently, Bella has been getting chummy with Eva’s best friend, Marlene (Marie Burchard). But Marlene has other things on her mind. Bored with the regularity of marital intercourse, she’s been flirting heavily with Peter (August Wittgenstein), a handsome man who is planning to go hunting with a few friends the next weekend. They intend to hunt more than just partridges. Bella, a popular influencer, books a ladies’ luxury weekend at the neighboring spa hotel and advises Marlene to properly “bang the guy out of her head” there. To prevent this, Eva reluctantly joins them as the third member of the group and wreaks a lot of havoc in the world of waxing, whirlpools, and womanly affairs.


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Hunting Season - Bild 2
 JAGDSAISON, Rechte bei Tobis
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 JAGDSAISON, Rechte bei Tobis
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 JAGDSAISON, Rechte bei Tobis

Movie Info


Original Title Jagdsaison
Theatrical Release
Genres Comedy
Country Of Production Germany
Runtime 90 minutes
FSK 12