The Invisibles




The Invisibles

Berlin, 1943: The Nazi regime has officially declared the Reich's capital "judenrein", but some Jews have managed to become invisible to the authorities. It is mostly luck and their youthful recklessness that save them from the Gestapo's dreaded grasp, while only a few confidants know about their true identity. Cioma Schönhaus secretly forges passports to save the lives of dozens of others. Hanny Lévy bleaches her hair in order to be able to walk along the street as an apparent Aryan. Eugen Friede distributes leaflets at night and lives with a German family during the day, pretending to be a member of the Hitler Youth. And finally, there is Ruth Gumpel, disguised as a war widow, serving black market delicacies to Nazi officers. They are all fighting for a life of freedom without really being free....

THE INVISIBLES is an extraordinary drama, based on interviews with witnesses, conducted by director Claus Räfle and co-writer Alejandra López. They tell the highly emotional story of these courageous heroes and thus devote themselves to a largely unknown chapter of the Jewish resistance.


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Movie Info


Original Title Die Unsichtbaren - Wir wollen leben
Theatrical Release
Genres Drama
Country Of Production Germany
Runtime 106 minutes
FSK 12


Director Claus Räfle
Screenplay Claus RäfleAlejandra López
Producers Claus RäfleFrank Evers
Co-Producers Howard HarringtonHelge NeubronnerTorsten Gauger
Line Producer Bogdan Tomassini-Büchner
Executive Producer Rudi Teichmann
Director of Photography Jörg Widmer
Editors Jörg HauschildJulia Oehring
Production Designer K.D. Gruber
Composer Matthias Klein
Costume Designer Ute Paffendorf
Makeup Henny ZimmerLena Lazzarotto
Casting Directors Anja DihrbergBernhard Karl


Cioma Schönhaus Max Mauff
Hanni Lévy Alice Dwyer
Ruth Arndt Ruby O.Fee
Eugen Friede Aaron Altaras
Ellen Lewinsky Victoria Schulz
Werner Scharff Florian Lukas
Hans Winkler Andreas Schmidt
Stella Goldschlag Laila Maria Witt
Ludwig Lichtwitz Sergej Moya
Jochen Arndt Lucas Reiber
Bruno Gumpel Rick Okon
Dr. Franz Kaufmann Robert Hunger-Bühler
Helene Jacobs Maren Eggert
Frau Gehre Steffi Kühnert
Frau Schirrmacher Swetlana Schönfeld
Frau Kolzer Naomi Krauss
Oberst Wehlen Horst Günter Marx

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